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Custom kite surfboard - Assembly part 3

10 June 2008

So after a near miss over and the project still on track it was time to order another pack of resin having used all I had in the big mix. Now that I have got the new batch of resin, this time I shall be mixing smaller batches.

After sanding the excess resin off the top of the core from the last time, it was time to do the top of the board. This time I was going to take my time and do it slowly. First to go on was a good coat of resin and the first layer of fibreglass making sure that after it was wetted out it was tucked around all the corners and followed the contours of the board. I did this for each layer until all three layers where laid out and wetted out.

Now the fibre glassing was complete, I covered the board with my peel-ply and then the breather layer and finally sealed the vacuum bag and started the vacuum process. The vacuum process was left running for 12 hours. This was 4 hours longer than the last time but I was not going to get up at 2am so just left it all running over night. The next morning I took the board out of the bag and trimmed the excess fibreglass using a Stanley knife.

To get a nice edge to my board I make a template of the board out of an old shelf that I had laying around. This would be a template for the router. Looking back I should have made this template right from the start - shall remember this for board #2 Using a straight cutting bit in the router I trimmed the board and this gave a nice sharp square edge to the board as well as trimming the fibreglass back to the ABS rails.

Now all that is left is to drill the holes for the fins, the holes in the top of the board so you can access the inserts, remove the wax from the inserts (this was put there to stop resin going into the threads) and then sand and give it a few good coats of paint.

top of the board after trimming end of the board after trimming end of the board after trimming edge of the board looking down the rails
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