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Custom kite surfboard - The Core

06 June 2008

When it comes to the core you have a variety of options. There are two main routes you can go down, using wood or using foam. From my research there are advantages and disadvantages to both. I choose to go down the wood core. For two reasons, one, it apparently gives a board more pop cause of the natural flex of wood and two because I have never worked with foam and was unsure. I have built my own landboard using 3mm ply so I was confident in working with wood again. Manufactured boards that use wood use balsa wood and since I could not find lengths long enough for my board I went with 3mm ply having used it.

Having choosen my shape for my tips I cut out the boards. I used 3 x 3mm ply to make but the main part of the desk that will be above the ABS rails and used 1 extra sheet in the center of the ABS. The main reason is so the rails sit flush with the middle of the board on the bottom and the wood would allow me to sand in a concave (which never happened since I introduced a concave into the rocker) which will help with plaining when riding the board.

Once the boards were all cut to shape I used the router to make the sharp edges nice and around. Nice round corners mean that there are no nasty sharp edges to try and drap the fibreglass over and no sharp bit to poke holes in my vacuum bag.

Edit - I added the inserts at this stage as well. I used stainless steel weld nuts. These have a base plate at the bottom which is regtangluar. I drilled the holes through the two top layers and using the router, routed out a hollow to take the base plate. once the layers had be bonded this would secure the inserts in place. I choose to go with a 11° offset for the foot pads.

the three layers making up my core the core with the ABS plastic rails
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