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Building your own custom kite surfboard

02 June 2008

About a year ago I came up with this silly notion that I would like to build my own kitesurf board instead of spending hundreds of my hard earned cash on a board. So after a lot of research and talking to a few locals down at the beach who have their own boards I have finally taken some time off work and decided to put plan into action.

Below is a list of tools and items that I used, these are not the materials that go into the board, if you are planning more than one board like I am it is worth getting some good quality stuff (without the need to break the bank).

Vacuum Bagging System

  • Vacuum pump able to pull a good vacuum.
  • Hose (I used a braided air hose without any problems).
  • Fittings (again I used air fittings).
  • Vacuum gauge (1000mbar or 30 inches Mercury)

General Tools

  • Sander (Orbital and Belt).
  • Router.
  • Jigsaw.
  • Drilling machine.
  • Vacuum cleaner (makes life easy and saves on a lot dust and mess).

The above is not a complete list but the basics of what I used. There are other little other bits and bobs like craft knives, steal rulers, measuring tapes, squares etc. What ever you do the idea is make sure you work to a plan and double check everything. It can costly and time consuming if you make a mistake.

After my research and looking at a purchased board in detail it was time to get all the materials and give this project a go.

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