Brett Schumann, welcome to brettworld

About Brett Schumann, web developer and designer

Being a self taught computer geek is not something that I would describe myself as. I would say that I am more mad genius with out of the box thinking, but the reality is that I am a self taught computer geek (genius). I started my journey in mid to late 1990's while working for Billiton Laboratories configuring and writing code for the X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometers. This coupled with my weekly addiction to gaming every Thursday, a tradition that I carry on with to this day sparked my interest in all things computer.

In March of 2000 I moved to the United Kingdom and landed a job as a Web Designer at Here I honed my skills in HTML and CSS updating and maintaining the company’s ecommerce website. In the 2001 Gameplay was split up and it was moved up to Leeds, not fancying the move myself I left.

I join a small company called Naked Vision as a Web Designer. Today I am still at Naked Vision but now am a Senior Developer. I have worked on numerous projects and websites in my time here and I have improved with age, almost like a fine wine one might say.

Being the Senior Developer at Naked Vision I have helped the company move from a classic ASP environment to the latest release of Microsoft’s .Net Framework as well as working with many of the other emerging technologies.

Recently I have taken my hand to the iPhone and developing applications for the iPhone platform. It has not been easy learning a new language and platform, but that is what I enjoy and that is where I love to be, on the edge learning something new and pushing what I know.

What is next, where shall I be and what shall I be doing, that I cannot say, but I do know that what the future brings, it shall be exciting and expand on what I already know.

Outside of the computer world there is another side of me. My hobbies are varied and range from music, playing games (PC or Console, I am not picky), science and astronomy, kite boarding/kite surfing and working with my hands. I have always been a hands on man and believe that you will always learn more from experience and practise than you would from theory alone.